Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic earlier this year, ACREWOODS has continued to offer a full range of services wherever possible, and within the Government’s stated guidelines and restrictions. This has included measures to actively mitigate the spread of the virus and to keep our workplaces, our employees, and our clients safe.

Within our offices which are open, safety measures are observed at all times including social distancing, using hand sanitiser and regular hand washing, wiping down surfaces before and after use and wearing face coverings if meeting anyone from outside the office, and asking them to do the same.

Non-essential travel and face to face meetings are still avoided wherever possible, but property visits and inspections will take place subject to appropriate social distancing and the use of PPE. Where this is not possible, a visit may be cancelled and postponed.

Specific up to date guidance is provided to employees and clients regularly as required.

Please contact us as usual via phone or email – we’re here to help.

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